Did you ever wish that you could take a little pill, eat all you want and never gain an ounce?  Oh but first you would have to get down to your ideal weight.  I think I have dreamed about this since I was around 16 years old.  Seems my whole life I’ve been on a diet.  I think diets suck, but if I could get that pill I would practically starve myself to get down to my ideal weight.  Then I would take that pill every day and stuff my face.  Pasta is my favorite and I would bath in it…literally.  What would you eat if you could have anything you wanted?

Okay, back to reality!!!

What is our obsession with food?  We think about it all day long.  What are we going to have for breakfast?  What am I going to feed the kids?  What am I making for Easter dinner?  What about desserts?  We should be tired just talking about it all the time.

Since my children are all grown, (they are in their forties) I don’t cook every night.  Maybe once or twice a week.  We all fend for ourselves. My son Paul is a hoot.  He’ll go around asking everyone “What are you having for dinner tonight?”  Both my sons still live with me.  My son Paul, his wife Nicole and their two children live in a separate two bedroom apartment in the house so his wife cooks for their family.   My son Arthur lives with me.  My daughter Nicki, her husband Mauro and their two sons live in their house in Connecticut.  We’re very close and all very very much into food.  But hey, we’re Italian.

It’s after the Christmas and New Year holidays, so we’re all on diets (trying anyway) looking forward to Easter Dinner.  Hopefully we won’t put on all the weight we’ve lost.  I’m preparing my Easter menu.  Of course we will have the traditional Easter favorites, Easter Bread, Pizza Rustica and Pastiera.  Then there’s the old standards that we usually make on all the holidays…stuffed mushrooms, artichokes, candied yams, etc. etc.  Would like to try something different, but every time I tell my family I’m trying something new they always tell me “stick with the dishes you always make.  We don’t want to try anything new on the holiday!”

What are your holiday favorites?


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Why Are We So Obsessed With Food?

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